Making small spaces look LARGE

We recently redesigned a charming 1400 sq. ft. home. The house did not require much work in the concept of interior design but we did need to do a lot of decluttering and rearranging. We moved furniture, draperies, pictures, and even carpets from one room to another, all while removing excess clutter through out the house. The pictures speak volumes for how redesign can work for making your home shine!

This kitchen had a lot of gadgets taking up precious space on the counter top. After we moved the large items off and into the cabinets, the counter space size doubled!

We moved the couch to the opposite wall so it would not block the windows or direct access to the staircase. We then took the bulky framed mirror off the front wall, re-arranged the hanging pictures with the TV,  and moved the chair to between the windows. Doing this allowed more natural flow in the living room. No new furniture was bought, this wall all done by re-arranging the room.

We de-cluttered the vanity top in this bathroom and took away all the bath mats, opening the floor and giving the vanity a clean, simple look.

Ill-fitting area rugs can really make a space feel small. They can chop up the room if too small and they can be overwhelming if too big. We took the area rug out and the black stools out of the dining room to open up the room. This also created more space for walking from room to room. Its important that a buyer never feels cramped or crowded when walking through your house.

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