Recode interviews two designers with the idea of decor steals

Recode is interviewing two designers to create custom bird cages.

The birds are made with materials like foam and wood and can be decorated with everything from flowers to jewelry.

“It’s a completely different animal than a traditional cage, which is very difficult to design,” said Jason Linnick, cofounder of Bird Cage Co. in San Diego.

“We really want to make something that’s more durable, and easier to maintain.”

Linnick is one of the founders of bird cage design company Bird Cage Inc. and is based in San Francisco.

He and his co-founder, Brian Kowalski, have been working on their custom bird cage for the past two years, with their two-person team working in collaboration with a local nursery and an expert in cage design.

Linnik says that bird cages are a way to make money for the nursery that also provides the birds with the materials and training needed to get into a cage.

The cage is made of a plastic sheet that is designed to make it easier for birds to walk in.

The cage is filled with water and placed inside a plastic box that can be moved.

When the bird is ready to be put into the cage, it is placed inside the box, and then placed back in the box.

A wire mesh lid covers the cage to keep the bird from falling out, and the bird stays in the cage for about an hour before it’s moved.

Linnik said he’s already received multiple offers for custom cages, including one for $10,000 that included a new cage, a new box and a new collar for $6,000.

But Linnok said that his team would love to see a way that bird cage can be affordable and more accessible for people who don’t have access to a cage that can hold their bird.

The nursery has a cage for a $2,000 price tag, but Kowalksi said the cage costs about $4,000 to make.

Llinick said he would love for the cage and the cage itself to be made for less than $100.

“People want something that looks amazing and that’s easy to manage,” he said.

“They’re not trying to make a very expensive cage.”

Llinick also noted that some birds may need to be released in the wild and that they are often the ones who get injured.

He added that the cages would be a great way to encourage more bird-friendly housing options for people with disabilities.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about the cages, and I’m trying to educate people,” Llinik said.

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