How to decorate Christmas windows with Christmas lights and snowman, and what to wear to make them stand out

How to make Christmas windows shine through the snow and sleet, or just let them hang out in the wind? 

Here’s how to make it happen.


Make your windows festive by putting snowman faces on them.

If you’re lucky enough to have an open-air Christmas tree on your porch, make sure you have a snowman in your window. 

 Snowmen have been a tradition in New York City for years.

A large piece of wood and a Christmas tree can be used to decorat the tree and make it stand out from the rest of the home.

There are a few variations on this method.

The traditional Christmas tree has a large, white Christmas tree that is covered in snow. 

This is called a wreath, and it can be done at home. 

The Christmas tree also has a snow man standing on top of it. 

Christmas trees that have snowman heads can also be used, although this is more expensive. 

You can also put snowman ears on top, which is the traditional way to decorating a Christmas window.2. 

Add snowman eyes and snow-covered Christmas trees to your window decorations. 

Here are a couple of ways to do this: 1) Make the windows light up with snow in the snow, making them look like Christmas lights. 

I like to do it in my front window, which has a window that I can open.

I also like to put snow on the outside of the window, making it look like the snow falls on the windows. 

2) You could add a little snow to your Christmas tree, and use it to make your window look like a snow globe.

This trick is especially popular in New England, where there is a lot of snow, but there are also many winter months when it isn’t so cold.

Make a Christmas globe out of snow with a piece of fabric, and put a piece over the window.

You could also add snow to the inside of the door, and then put a snow ball on top. 


Make Christmas trees in your garage, too. 

If you have space for a garage, you can make the windows pop with snow, and have them look festive. 

However, this is not recommended if you don’t have space to put your garage up.

Here’s how it works: Place a snow glob on top your garage. 

Open your door to let the snow fall on your windows, then turn the garage around and let the cold air in.

Once you’ve let the warm air in, you need to add some snow.

Place a few snowballs on the snow in your windows and then turn them around to make snowman face-holes. 


Decorate Christmas windows in the dark.

Decorating Christmas windows that are covered in lights or snow is a popular decorating method. 

It can look a lot like the picture above, but the lights or the snow can be completely different colors. 

Use a lighted mirror to decorates the windows, and make sure to wear gloves to keep your hands from getting frostbite. 


Put Christmas trees on the street.

Even though there are a lot more Christmas trees than you might think, there are still a lot places you can put them. 

Just take some lights and a small snow globe and attach them to a tree. 

Now that you know how to decorATE Christmas windows, how do you decorate them to look like it’s snowing?

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Don’t forget to tag your photos with #christmaswindowdecorations so people can see what you’re doing!

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