How to decorate your living room with gold wall mirrors

When you’re planning a party or family gathering, there’s a great chance you’ll need to include some gold mirrors in your decorating options.

They’re an ideal way to add a little extra flair to a room that’s already decorated in the classic gold-and-white palette.

And they’re an easy way to get the perfect amount of gold in a room, since they’re relatively inexpensive.

Here are a few ideas for getting the most out of gold mirrors.


Make a gold-colored mirror out of the wall or ceiling tile that is not currently in use.

These mirror types can be found at most home improvement stores and yard sales.

They can be very expensive but they will last forever and have a really nice gold look.

You can get them from Home Depot, Target, or Lowe’s.

If you’re shopping at the hardware store, you can also buy them online.


Use a gold frame for the mirror.

This is another option for a simple but durable gold-to-metal mirror.

The gold frame allows the mirror to be attached to the wall, and can be used as a decorative piece to make the room more unique.

The frame should be sturdy enough to withstand some wear, but not so heavy that it’ll weigh the mirror down.


Add some gold wire around the edge of the mirror, or attach the gold wire to a light fixture that will shine a bright light onto the mirror surface.

A light fixture with a bulb attached will provide some additional light that you can use to create a glowing effect.


Place a gold lamp on the floor near the mirror so you can see the reflection in the mirror’s reflection.

The lamp should also have a bright green color to make it stand out.


Make an extra large gold mirror out a wall that is already decorated.

You might be able to use the existing mirror in this case, since the gold is already in use on the wall.

Make sure to take a picture of the finished mirror to share on social media.


Create an extra small mirror out from the ceiling tile to make a gold circle in the room.

The circle can be placed under a light in the ceiling and lit up when the room is lit up.

This simple mirror can be hidden in your wall to make room for the extra mirror you just added.


Create a gold wall ornament using gold wire and a metal rod.

These gold wire mirrors can be added to any existing wall, ceiling, or window.

You could even use a metal piece for a small gold mirror.


Place an extra gold-framed mirror under a window or ceiling to create an extra-large gold circle.

This mirror can also be hidden behind a lamp so that you don’t have to stand directly under it. 9.

Place the gold-covered mirror under an existing gold-glass or metal plate to create gold-lined mirrors.


Use an old lamp to add some gold sparkle to a gold mirror that’s just about ready to be used.

Use the gold sparkles in your room to make decorations or add some decorative touches to the mirror when you’re finished decorating.

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