How to make metal wall decorations for your christmas celebration

I’m not sure how Christmas decorations work, but the idea of metal wall decoration seems like it should be easy enough.

After all, you don’t have to make your own, you just need a few basic supplies.

The only thing that needs to be bought is a metal box. 

If you’re like most of us, you’ve got a metal fridge, and you’ve also got a plastic box that holds all of your food. 

So you can use whatever materials you have available. 

What you might not know is that it’s actually pretty easy to make something similar.

Here are a few tips for making your own metal wall ornament. 

Materials Needed to Make Your Own Metal Wall Decorations (1) 1-inch-thick wood board (or anything with a 4-inch by 6-inch width will do) 2-inch wood screws (I prefer 2.5-inch screws, but whatever works for you) 4-inch metal pipe (or a piece of galvanized pipe, but I prefer 4- or 5-inch) Small nails (you can use nails or wood glue) Large nails You will also need: Small metal spoons 1 gallon (or more) of water to soak up all of the water from the metal box You will also want to get some kind of sealant. 

I recommend putting some sort of glue on the inside of the box, but you could also use something similar to Vaseline. 

You could also spray a little spray paint on the outside of the metal bowl, but that doesn’t seem to work as well as spray paint. 

After soaking the water, use your metal spoon to poke holes in the sides of the container.

Then use the screws you just purchased to screw the sides into the metal. 

Next, carefully remove the lid of the plastic container. 

Then, carefully lift the lid and use your nails to screw it back on. 

Repeat this process for the bottom of the wooden box.

Finally, add the metal pipe to the end of the pipe and secure it with the metal spons. 

And that’s it! 

If the metal container does not fit inside the metal boxes, you can always just make the bottom section of the lid yourself. 

It’s so much easier than making the box itself, right? 

But you may find it harder to keep the lid closed than the metal, which can be a problem. 

Tip: If you make the box and do not seal it, you will need to add some sealant to the metal pieces of the decoration.

I use an old plastic bag that I can fill with water and spray paint onto the outside. 

Here’s what you need to do. 1.

First, soak the water in the plastic bag you just filled with water. 

The water should not be too salty, so I suggest not using more than one cup per container.

If you have a plastic bottle, pour a bit of water in, then add some more water as you go. 2. 

Spray paint your nails into the sides and the bottom, using the large nails to push the nails into place. 


Put a piece or two of wire or duct tape over the top of the copper tubing. 


Attach the copper pipe to both the inside and the outside, and screw the pipes into place with the large screws. 


Install the metal wall. 


Place the metal bucket or metal box on top of your metal container, then turn it over. 


Carefully add the sealant in the metal and pipe. 


Once the plastic box is secured, secure the lid with the screws.

 You may also want a little bit of foil to protect the plastic from getting damaged. 

Now you can enjoy your new, very special Christmas decoration!

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