How to create a rustic farm house decor with DIY decorating skills

DIY rustic decorating is an easy and inexpensive way to make your home look amazing.

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Read More:   I made a rustically decorated home for a friend of mine, and I have been able to decorate her house for years now.

You’ll need:  • A small metal workbench.

I used a table saw to cut out a few pieces of plywood that I wanted to use for the base of the house.

You can use a drill to drill holes in the plywood.

I also used a drill and a chisel to create some small holes in plywood to fit the plywoods I wanted for the walls and ceilings.

You’ll need to use a bit of duct tape to attach the ply to the wood and also some wood glue to attach it to the base.

Make sure to use some drywall tape for the holes.

Once you have the ply you want, you’ll need two sets of two nails, a pair of pliers, and a pair or three of screwdrivers.

Cut the ply pieces to the desired length.

To make the base, you will want to make a circle.

Using a table knife, cut out three or four small circles and attach them to the ply, using duct tape or glue to hold the circles to the wall.

Now, cut two large circular cuts in the center of the circle to make two sides.

With a table or drill, drill holes for the two sides of the circles.

Use a nail or chisel, and cut the two smaller circles from the sides of your circle.

This will allow you to attach these to the two halves of the wall and ceiling.

Attach the two pieces of wood to the walls using glue or duct tape.

Repeat this process for the ceiling and sides of each house.

Place the two panels on the walls.

This will give you a finished house that looks beautiful and will be able to be easily covered with any decor you want.

The DIY rusticshow is available for FREE here.

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