A metal wall decor in a Brooklyn apartment may have been used to create a sculpture

The metal walls of an apartment in Brooklyn may have held up a sculpture of a naked woman, according to a new investigation by The Post.

According to an article published on The Post’s website, the “wall-paintings” had been left in a New York City apartment by someone who lived in the apartment, and then the artist painted a series of images on the wall that appeared to depict a naked women in a compromising position.

The artworks, which were found inside the apartment of an artist named Daniel Wertz, depict naked women holding hands and masturbating in what appears to be a bedroom.

The painting in question is called “The Black Box”, and depicts a woman standing naked with her legs spread, her mouth hanging open and her hands covering her breasts.

The piece was also found to contain a large amount of black paint.

“It is the first time we’ve seen such an art piece in a residential environment,” Wertsart told the Post.

“This is a sign that there was a community of artists in this neighborhood and this is a community that was active in the black art scene.”

The artist’s apartment is on a block of buildings in Brooklyn’s Lower East Side.

“We’ve seen this kind of artwork all over the city, but it is something we haven’t seen here before,” Daniel Wirtz told The Post in an interview.

The artist said he believed the artworks were created by an artist he knew.

“I’ve seen these images in my lifetime and I’m just like, ‘Who is this?'”, he told the newspaper.

“They’re like drawings from a movie.

They’re just very different.”

He said he was inspired to create the work after being drawn to the artwork in the city’s black community.

“You can see this painting from a distance.

And it’s like, it’s just a perfect representation of what the African-American experience was like, and it just speaks to a need that I felt in my life, he told The Guardian.

He said the piece would go up for sale, and the art was not included in the sale price.”

The artists that I know are very good at selling things and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he told a local news station.”

There is no reason why they shouldn’t have the money.

“He told the New York Post that he did not want to get involved in the controversy surrounding the work, and had not discussed the artwork with anyone from the apartment.

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