What’s your favorite decor idea to hang on your door?

Two things to know about my new house decorations, I’ve decided to start off with some of the more common ones, so let’s start off by a few of my favorites.

You’ll need:   A brick wall or floor cover, some kind of metal or glass decorating materials, and some kind of decorative textures.

First, the door decor.

I’m going to start with the wall.

What you need: A bracket of fabric, a rug or sheet of fabric that fits into the wall decoration, a paintbrush, a small paintbrush (I use the paintbrush on the underside of the paintbrushes, not the top, and I use a small spray bottle, not a full-sized one). 

I have a bit of room on the outside of the wall to do this, but if I have too much room on it, I wonder if I can get a little more room on my top layer, too.

If you need help deciding what type of wall decoration is best for your house, I recommend checking out my DIY guide for home decorating tips.

Next up, my decorating textures.

I use these two types of textures for my decor pieces.


Wall Art  This is the classic wall art that I’m known for. 

It’s pretty simple.

I’ll put it up with a couple of coats of black spray paint and a few more coats of clear painter’s tape.

When you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful piece of art. 

The problem with this style of art is that it takes a lot of paint. 

I don’t know if it’s because it’s not easy to get paint off, or because I paint my walls in a way that doesn’t require much of a paint application, but I think it takes longer to dry a paint job. 

If you want to get more paint off your wall, use a spray bottle that you can pour a small amount of paint into. 

To get the paint off the wall, you can spray the painted area of your wall with the spray bottle.


Decorating  If I need more paint on my wall, I’ll spray it with a paint brush, but in this case, I’m not going to use a brush.

Instead, I have a spray gun, which I like to have in my room. 

There are two main ways to spray paint with your spray gun.

The first is to spray the paint on a paint surface.

To spray paint, open your spray nozzle, and hold it over the paint surface, like you would with a painting brush. 

Then, simply spray paint over the surface of your paintbrush.

Then, repeat with the other side of the spray nozzle. 

This method is great if you want the paint to sit on the paint, and not get all over your paintwork.

But for painting on metal, this method is better.

Once you’ve sprayed paint, it’s time to get it on the wall so that it’s covered. 

You can either stick the spray gun into the corners of the room, or use a piece of metal as a guide for the paint.

For my home, I use aluminum foil. 

When I paint on aluminum foil, I like it because it makes the paint adhere better to the foil.

I’ve also found that if I spray paint on the foil on top of the foil, the paint is easier to get on. 

So I spray the foil onto the paint with the paint gun. 

For this piece of artwork, I spray it on both sides. 

Next, I put a layer of clear paint over it. 

As soon as the paint dries, I start using the clear paintbrush again, to remove any excess paint.

I don’t spray the clear brush all over the room with the clear spray, because I like the effect of it.

Here’s the same piece of piece of wood I sprayed on the previous paint.

If I wanted to use the clear color on this piece, I would have to spray it over both sides of the door, with both of my spray guns. 

But if I wanted a clean piece of clear, I just spray the pieces on one side, and the other paintbrush over both. 

 So, I sprayed both sides on the same day. 

Once I finish, I place the pieces in the dryer, and dry them with a wet towel. 

Here are two pictures of the finished piece.

There’s one on the left, and on the right, it has been dry for 24 hours. 

After 24 hours, I can see a little bit of some of my artwork has dried, but there

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