Halloween decorations can help with post-op pain, research shows

By KATHY BROWNNEWSLETTERMEDIAACTIVE NEWSLETTHROUGHOUT THE DAY.COMPANIES SHOP Halloween decorations are cheap and easy to find, and they can help relieve pain and symptoms of post-operative op-edure, according to a new study by researchers at Emory University. 

The researchers, led by Dr. James M. Wahlgren, director of the Emory Center for Postoperative Pain, published their findings in the American Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo, examined whether there were any advantages to purchasing Halloween decorations, whether they were used in a surgical setting or in a clinical setting.

The researchers used a questionnaire to gather information about participants’ pain, symptoms, and pain outcomes after surgery.

Participants also completed questionnaires that included questions about whether the pain was caused by the surgery, complications related to the surgery or pain associated with their other injuries.

Participants were asked about the popularity of Halloween decorations in their area and how they felt about Halloween decorations being used in surgical settings.

Participant attitudes about Halloween decor were not correlated with pain scores, and respondents indicated that they preferred the cost of Halloween decor over other decor types.

However, participants who reported that Halloween decorations were used clinically and not in a residential setting reported significantly higher pain scores.

Participators who reported having used Halloween decorations as part of a surgical procedure reported significantly lower pain scores than those who did not use Halloween decorations.

Participation in Halloween decor was associated with lower pain and quality of life, and participants who experienced greater pain scores reported less satisfaction with the care received from their care provider.

In addition, participants reported that their care providers had good communication and were attentive to their pain, even if they were not present during the procedure.

“We found that Halloween decoration can provide pain relief in a variety of situations, but there are a number of limitations,” said Wahlren.

“Halloween decoration is not always the only way to relieve pain.”

The researchers found that people with higher pain and pain quality scores reported that they did not feel like they were treated fairly, that they were given inadequate care, and that their pain was not alleviated as quickly as the pain would have been if they had experienced pain in a more natural setting.

Participations in the study showed that the majority of participants did not want to participate in Halloween decorations because of the cost.

However, there was no significant difference in the frequency of participation in Halloween decoration among people who reported they had used Halloween decor in the past year compared to those who reported not having used it in the previous year.

Wahlgren said, “This study suggests that Halloween decor can be an effective alternative to traditional surgical procedures and is therefore an important tool in the arsenal of care providers in the field.”

For more information about pain and trauma, visit the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons website.

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