How to make Christmas Cake Decorating Supplies for Christmas

The Christmas cake decorators are the most important part of any Christmas decorations.

They must be decorated in such a way that the decorations are inviting and appealing.

These decorating ingredients must be well prepared and that they have been well seasoned.

This article will help you with the preparation of Christmas cake decoration ingredients for Christmas.

The decorating recipe below is for an eight inch cake.

If you have a larger cake, you can use a thicker cake or cake trimmer.

The longer the cake is, the longer it takes to dry.

Decorators will need to keep the cakes in a cool place until they are ready to decorate.

If the cakes are to be used for holiday parties or celebrations, the decorations should be stored at room temperature.

The decoration recipe below can be adapted to be as follows: 1.

Cut the cakes into strips or squares, approximately 8 inches.

Cut two of the strips into 2 inch strips.

Make a small cross out of one of the two strips.


Fold the top of one strip over the other.

This cross piece should form a square.


Cut a piece of parchment paper to form a small triangle.

Make two of these triangles.

Place the cross pieces in the center of the parchment paper triangle.


Cut another piece of paper to shape a triangle.

Place these triangles on top of the cross piece.


Cut and fold a third piece of plastic wrap into a square shape.

Make another cross out to form the square shape for the next triangle.

Use a sharp knife to cut the squares into squares.


Cut three large squares out of plastic wrapping and place them in the middle of the cake.

These squares should be about 8 inches apart.

Place one of these squares over the cross out and form a cross.


Place two more squares over each of the previous two squares and form the cross. 

Place the cross and the triangle in the bottom of the center cake.

Make sure the cake has enough room to fit the cross over the two triangles.


Place another piece or two of plastic wraps over the center square and form another cross.

Place it over the triangle and the cross forming a triangle again.

Place both the cross, and the triangular, on top and cut off any excess space.


Cut four small squares out and place in the top center of each square.

Place three of the squares on top.

Make an extra cross out over the top square and fold it over to form another triangle.

This is the bottom triangle.

You can cut out the extra triangle to make the cake taller.


Put a small square or two on top to form one side of the triangle.

Cut one of two small squares from the top to create a triangle that is about 4 inches wide and 4 inches high.

This triangle will be used to make a border.

Use the scissors to trim the edges of the square.

Make the top triangle. 

This is the border. 

Now the decorating part.

You will need a couple of candles.

The candles should be large enough to light the whole cake.

One candle should be for each side of each of these 8 inch squares. 

I like to use a candle from my family tree.

The size of the candles is irrelevant because you will be making a circle.

Place candles at the center and then add decorations around them.

This will form a ring around the cake, and that will form the border around the sides of the circle.

 When making the border, place the candles along the edges.

This creates the effect of having a grid pattern that is the same across the sides.

For example, if you were to make two rings, one with the candles on one side, and one with candles on the other side, the border will be circular.

Place all the candles at this center, one on each side, with the rings spaced about 1 inch apart. 

For more information about decorating with Christmas decor, please visit the American Association of Christmas Ceremonies  website.

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