What’s going on in the world of Grinch decorations?

The Grinch is back, this time in Australia, where some of his trademark grins and antics are in full swing.

In Melbourne’s northern suburbs, a new Grinch themed Grinch decor has sprung up in a residential block and is reportedly going to be installed in another block.

“The Grinch has returned, and I think we need to stop treating him like a grinch, we need more grinches,” said one resident who asked not to be named.

A grinch is a fictional character or characterised character that originated in children’s books, such as The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Jungle, where they are often portrayed as cruel and greedy.

In the modern day, the term refers to any fictional character that is usually either evil or has no morals, or that is frequently portrayed as having no sense of humour.

“I think we’re seeing the return of the Grinch, I think the Grinches have come back and I don’t think we’ve seen them as evil, but they’ve come back to haunt us,” the resident said.

In 2016, a man in his 40s was allegedly murdered and his corpse discovered at a grifter’s house in Melbourne’s west.

The murder is believed to be linked to the presence of the grinch in the area.

“We’ve been looking at these grinches, we’ve been investigating them, we’re not having any luck,” Dr Zoltan Zalecz, a senior lecturer at the School of Social Science at Monash University, said.

“It’s not an easy job and it’s very difficult to track down.”

So I think it’s quite important to be aware of this.

“The grinch has a long history in Australian life, with a number of sightings recorded in Victorian towns and in the state’s north.

In Victoria, a couple in their 40s were killed in December 2018 after their car was broken into in the city’s north-west.

In 2017, a 30-year-old woman was fatally stabbed to death at a Sydney pub in the early hours of Christmas Eve.

Her assailant, believed to have been a male, fled the scene in a grey sedan before police located him a short time later in a white Toyota Corolla.

The victim’s murder was one of the most notorious of the year, with the alleged assailant eventually identified as the man who had killed her.

In Tasmania, in the south-west, a 21-year old woman was killed in her home in the summer of 2019.

A man, who was later identified as a former Grinch and the man responsible for the murder of the woman, was charged with the murder and remains in custody.”

When we have a grisly killing, it’s like, ‘Oh my God, what have we done?’ and we have to get a grip on ourselves and get back to normal,” Dr Ali Zaidi, from the University of Tasmania’s School of Sociology, said at the time.”

But it can also bring out the worst in us, which is something we need, we all do, but it’s just not happening so often in this country.

“Dr Zalek said the Grinces could be seen in Melbourne in the Victorian town of Grampians in 2017.”

You can still find them in town, they’ll have a good time and they’ll get along with other people,” he said.


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