The White Christmas Is Coming to You From the White House, And It Will Be a Big Hit: Here’s What You Need to Know

The holiday season has finally arrived and it’s time for Christmas decorations to come into their own.

In a new interview with NPR, a decorated holiday tree decorator, who goes by the name Tammi, says she got the idea to decorate her Christmas tree for the holidays after spending the past couple of years with a white Christmas tree, decorated by her husband and a bunch of friends.

Tammie and her husband, Josh, have worked as Christmas decorators in Washington, DC, for a number of years.

Josh has been a part of the decorating team since 2012 and Tammies work has included the White Christmas, which is also known as the Winter Solstice and Winter Solicitation.

Josh and Tamsa both said the white Christmas is the highlight of their holiday season, and they said it’s a very common theme in their work.

“The White Christmas is really our Christmas tree,” Josh said.

“It’s a beautiful tree.

I love it.

It’s like, this is a Christmas tree that is a perfect Christmas tree.

The tree is pretty beautiful.

We don’t even know where the tree comes from.

It looks like it was cut out of a tree.

We love it.”

Tammy said that Christmas trees in Washington have become increasingly decorated this year, and the decorations have gone up in the White house.

“Everywhere we go in the city, the White residence is a theme,” Tammiet said.

And in the Christmas trees they have, it’s become a Christmas Tree Party, where they’re bringing in the whole family to the Whitehouse for a family-style dinner and dinner party.

“Christmas trees are like, our Christmas trees,” Tami said.

The decorations on her Christmas Tree were inspired by the “white” decor that her parents had on display in their home, but they also included elements from the American flag and the American Flag Day.

The family has a huge tradition of visiting the WhiteHouse for the holiday.

“We’re like, the President is always here, so that’s kind of the thing,” Tamsas dad, Josh Tammis, said.

In the past, Tammil said she and Josh would visit with their parents on Christmas Eve, but that’s changed this year.

“I’ve got a lot of people that are coming up and going to my house to say thank you for doing this,” Tammin said.

Josh Tams, whose wife and husband are both decorated Christmas tree artists, said that while it is hard to decorates for Christmas, it is also a very meaningful time for them and their family.

“What it really comes down to is family,” Tamin said.

He said that he and his wife have a tradition of bringing the whole Thanksgiving dinner table to the house, and decorating the table is something that they are all very proud of.

“When you’re not with your family, it can be a very lonely time.

But when you’re with your friends, it means everything,” Tamas said.

They’re going to be bringing their family to this Christmas Tree Parties this year as well.

“As long as I’m here, that’s where we’re going,” Tame said.

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