How to decorate a modern home

By Sarah A. Haddock and Mark A. P. JohnsonSource Washington Times article The National Park Service announced Friday it is planning to install a new display of American flags at its national park in California.The National Memorial, an 8.5-foot-high wall of colorful American flags that will be installed next spring at Yosemite National Park, will […]

Why Christmas Decorating is Not Your Mother’s Gift

I’m a bit of a believer in Christmas decorations. I have my own little tree, I love my tree. But I also have a few decorations that I find so very attractive and that I can hang them in my bedroom and decorate with my own brand of Christmas spirit. So this is a recipe for Christmas decorating […]

Which Christmas cookies do you like to decorate?

The next time you’re craving some great Christmas cookies, you can use the hashtag #ChristmasCookies to get some suggestions from a whole bunch of people.And don’t forget to share your favorite cookie with your followers.If you’re not a fan of Christmas cookies then you might be wondering what the fuss is all about.Well, there are […]

How to decorate a sugar cookie

Decorative boxes are the perfect way to add a little whimsy to your Christmas decoration.You can decorate your sugar cookies with glitter, glitter dust, glitter flowers, glitter bows, glitter hearts, glitter beads, glitter stars, glitter snowflakes, glitter trees, glitter roses, glitter star candlesticks, glitter rocks, glitter crystals, glitter candles, glitter stones, glitter spangles, glitter glitter […]

You don’t need to build your own Minecraft room decor for decorating the bedroom

The internet loves a good decorating challenge.While we can’t get a Minecraft room for Christmas, we did see a Minecraft themed bedroom that had a pretty neat idea for decorators to make their own Minecraft bedroom.This one is in a Minecraft theme, and the room is decorated with Minecraft themed walls, decorations, and an actual […]

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