What do you get when you cross a wood panel with a fridge? We’re here to help!

By: Michael O’Neill The idea of a kitchen counter decorating with a wood wall is not a new one.The concept was originally invented by American artist, Mark Pendergast, who is best known for his iconic “pizza counter” designs.A wood panel, made from a series of boards with a pattern of dots or lines running through […]

Christmas decorations to spark festive energy at your next event

It’s time to celebrate the birth of your favorite baby, as you decorate your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and more with a few decorations to make it feel like you’ve come out of a fairy tale.Decorating your home with birthday and holiday decor can make it look like a fairy-tale dream come true.Decorate the house, […]

How to decorate a living room without spending $20,000

Recode editor David Auerbach wrote this in January 2018: “The most effective way to transform a room is to add something new.”This means adding something new to the decor, rather than leaving it unchanged.This is what my husband and I do every single day when it comes to decorating our living room.We decorate it in […]

How to decorate your house and decorate a tree

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking to decorating your home.But the most important consideration for a decorating project is the quality of the wood.To be clear, wood is not the same as plastic.Wood can be very sturdy, but it’s also a medium-temperature, low-humidity wood.The higher the temperature, the softer it is.Wood is softer […]

A wall decor idea that’s sure to wow, surprise, and impress — but won’t get you a full-blown party —

The wall decor world is buzzing about the birthdays and anniversaries of famous people.But many of us don’t know the full story behind the decorations, or whether they actually worked as well as we thought.For the most part, these ideas are just a quick and easy way to add fun and personality to your home, […]

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